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Our audit team can assist you in assessing where your business currently stands with regard to GDPR Compliance.

Audits are conducted using an award winning, fully integrated and end-to-end Governance, Risk & Compliance (GRC) management information system.

Atlantic Compliance Ltd., provide an end-to-end suite of informative and practical products and services, offering a complete solution for small businesses to meet this impending new compliance challenge.

We partner with you right from our first contact through your entire compliance journey.

Key Services & Solutions

  • Data and Gap Analysis
  • Data Lifecycle mapping
  • Staff Training
  • Act as your Outsourced Data Protection Officer (DPO)
  • Data Protection Representation
  • Data breach management

4 STEP Data and Gap Analysis

We evaluate what your company does with regard to data protection in theory and then compare this to what it is actually doing in practice which identifies the ‘Gap’. Atlantic Compliance Ltd. carries out a data and gap analysis in 4 steps.
Step 1

Initial Consultation

In our initial meeting we will go through Data Protection and what it means for your business. We will discuss our GDPR Audit and the Audit Report. The client then receives a proposal with details of the service provided. To set up an initial consultation, Contact us

Along with GDPR compliance, the company may have data management goals of their own. We will work to achieve these which may include clean data for a more efficient company, sales lists with active customers, reduced risk of a data breach and peace of mind.

To set up a GDPR Audit

Step 2

GDPR Audit

Atlantic Compliance will conduct a GDPR GAP Assessment on-site in partnership with you to determine your Data Protection readiness, aims, key areas of concern and what you expect from the Data Audit. We ask strategic questions on your data: Where your data resides, do you know how much information your company shares with third parties such as email marketing, pay-roll data, pension scheme providers, life cover providers? What are your Data Protection Agreements with third parties? Do you have an agreement in place? Do you know if they are GDPR compliant?

You will receive a written report which will clearly set out your current level of compliance, highlighting the areas that require further investigation, and recommended actions.

We then work through a project plan agreeing actions, timelines and ownership for the project. We provide on-going advice and support throughout the implementation phase.

To set up a GDPR Audit

Step 3

Audit Plan

Based on the Audit findings, we provide a GDPR Readiness Plan with a Gap Analysis. Once we have defined the issues, we provide you with timeframes, costs, and resources that you will need. The Audit Report recommendations include an easy-to-read traffic light system to show progress and an Executive Summary.

As part of this step we provide GDPR compliance training for your employees, with particular emphasis placed on understanding the enhanced rights of the data subjects (your clients) and the increased obligations for your business.








Step 4

Ongoing Data Protection support

As the project progresses, we revisit the Audit Report to verify the recommendations have been successfully implemented.

Our website allows a client to login and view their progress with the Audit Report at any time. We also update staff on their task list and support them during this phase.

We can provide on-going GDPR support services and contract Data Protection Officer (DPO) services

While the appointment of a DPO may not be required under the regulation many businesses are choosing to do so. An independent DPO service offers peace of mind to the business owner – having an independent data protection professional who has in-depth understanding of the GDPR available when needed, while at the same time ensuring there is no conflict of interest within your business.

We offer a range of flexible options for contract DPO services

Deliverables from the Audit report


Other Services we provide

Staff Training

We provide ongoing training for staff to ensure that compliance obligations are consistently met. Continuous training is essential for your organisation to ensure you are up to date with developments in data protection. At Atlantic Compliance Ltd. we also offer security best practice, cyber-crime prevention training in addition to Data Protection advice.

Data Breach Management

Cybercrime is happening more frequently. Should you be affected by cyber crime, you will need to have an effective incident response plan and PR policy ready. Atlantic Compliance Ltd. will prepare that plan and support you during the event. For an initial consultation, Contact us.

Data Protection Representation

If your company has not setup Data Processing procedures and you suffer a data breach you may be audited by the Data Protection Office. It is advisable to meet them with a professional data practitioner. We can represent you during an investigation to negotiate conclusions on your company’s behalf.

Act as your outsourced Data Protection Officer (DPO)

Atlantic Compliance Ltd. can support your current staff or act as your outsourced Data Protection Officer (DPO). Large organisations are required to designate a Data Protection Officer, SME organisation can outsource this function. The DPO service will be responsible for Data Protection related regulatory implementation, compliance and ongoing professional opinion.

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