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Atlantic Compliance e-learning courses equip you and your staff with the knowledge and skills to become GDPR compliant. The series features up to date content using examples of how to deal with the GDPR and work with your data in a safe and compliant way.

We offer a GDPR Essentials Program which is designed to help businesses fulfill the GDPR requirement of raising awareness and training staff. This program combines three of our most popular courses (Introduction, Data Security, Breaches and Access Requests) and takes just under 2 hours to complete. There are graded quizzes throughout the course to ensure staff have an understanding of the material. If you wish to enroll more than 5 students, please get in touch for bulk enrollment options.

Our courses can also be taken individually. Visit the links to learn more and sign up.

The series includes:

Other Services we provide

Staff Training

We provide ongoing training for staff to ensure that compliance obligations are consistently met. Continuous training is essential for your organisation to ensure you are up to date with developments in data protection. At Atlantic Compliance Ltd. we also offer security best practice, cyber-crime prevention training in addition to Data Protection advice.

Data Breach Management

Cybercrime is happening more frequently. Should you be affected by cyber crime, you will need to have an effective incident response plan and PR policy ready. Atlantic Compliance Ltd. will prepare that plan and support you during the event. For an initial consultation, Contact us.

Data Protection Representation

If your company has not setup Data Processing procedures and you suffer a data breach you may be audited by the Data Protection Office. It is advisable to meet them with a professional data practitioner. We can represent you during an investigation to negotiate conclusions on your company’s behalf.

Act as your outsourced Data Protection Officer (DPO)

Atlantic Compliance Ltd. can support your current staff or act as your outsourced Data Protection Officer (DPO). Large organisations are required to designate a Data Protection Officer, SME organisation can outsource this function. The DPO service will be responsible for Data Protection related regulatory implementation, compliance and ongoing professional opinion.

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